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Worst Dates

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Hey babes, this weeks Babe Room, we’ve asked everyone to submit their worst date stories. Lets face it, sometimes in our lives we encounter super weird situations that make for great stories later. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! xo


So I was in high school, grade 11, and was dating a guy a few years older than me. On one of our first dates, we had planned to go to a restaurant . Thinking it was a real date, I was caught off guard when his friend showed up to our lunch. I chalked it up to him being nervous.
As we got to ordering, I got myself a small appetizer, because I had a feeling this guy was not going to pay for my food…and I couldn’t afford a full meal as I only had a part time job at the time. (Mind you, this wasn’t some fast food restaurant)
This guy spent the whole “date” talking to his friend, almost completely ignoring me. Then when the waitress came, instead of asking for separate bills, he asked for just one bill. At this point I was like “okay, maybe he will pay for me”. NOPE. The dude asks me to split the bill evenly between the 3 of us and I end up paying for my small appetizer AND part of their very pricey entrees.
Needless to say, I broke up with him a few weeks later.

I was really young, probably about 15 or so. I was boy-crazy. I had a crush on every guy who even remotely expressed an interest in me, but this guy…there are no words to describe this guy.
His name was Jesse. We met through a mutual friend, and while he wasn’t exactly my type, he told me he thought I was pretty and so, I wanted to give him a chance.
A couple weeks later we decide to meet up at the mall for our first official date. He was very sweet, we were holding hands, you know typical teenage bullshit. But then he got weird. VERY weird.
We’re sitting on this bench and he turns to me and stares at me right in the eyes and says “Wow, when I look at you, and I look into your eyes I feel like I’m looking into your soul.” Okaaaaay. I’m fifteen and desperate for an epic love story so I just smile. He goes on “I know this seems soon but…I think you might be my soulmate. I can’t wait until the day we can get married, and have babies and live together. We’re going to have such an amazing life together”
So let me recap. I’m fifteen, I’m on a FIRST DATE, and my date just essentially proposed to me.
I noped the fuck out of there and never talked to him again.
A few years back a guy I had been talking to for a couple of months, literally called me crying saying he missed me and wanted to go watch “The Hobbit”. Although I dislike the entire Lord of the Rings series I agreed because like I said…he begged and cried a whole bunch for a grown man. 
Please tell me how once I got to the theater this guy made me pay for my own ticket! To a movie I had no interesting watching… I’m all for equality and independent females but really? Wait…it gets better. I was of course uninterested at this point so I was like I’m going to get food to sit thru this dreadful 3 hour movie. He not only made me pay for my own ticket to a flippin IMAX 3D movie but he then continued to EAT ALL MY FOOD THAT I PAID FOR, FOR JUST ME. 
If there’s one thing in life I don’t mess with – it’s sharing my food that was bought just for me ? #SharingIsNotCaring
You best believe after that movie was over so were his chances. 
I went out for drinks with this guy on our first date, and we ordered a bottle of champagne. It was a good time: We had a lot in common and the conversation was flowing. On date two, he picked a French restaurant where everything on the menu is at least $50. It wasn’t really my kind of place, but I said okay because I liked him. The date went really well; the conversation was intimate and I felt like I could talk to him about personal things. He even ordered for me because I didn’t speak French or know what to get. We shared some dishes and had a bottle of champagne. When the bill came, he pushed it toward me and said, ‘You’ll get this one, right?’ I really didn’t expect that. Then, he said, ‘I paid for our first date. I figured we’d alternate?’ Then I said, ‘But you picked this place?’ And he shrugged it off. I was completely turned off by him in that moment. It was like he used me to pay for this fancy dinner. I agreed to pay for half and he was not thrilled. He told me that it wasn’t nice of me to make him pay. Seriously, I think he is delusional. Once the bill was paid, I put my jacket on and left without saying goodbye. Good luck to him, really.

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