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Why We Love To Shop Online!

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If you’ve been following our Instagram account (which I’m sure you all are) then you know our big news: we’re moving Bridge+Bardot online! Our 1138 Dundas Street West location will remain open until the end of January, and after that we’re going digital! It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know each and every one of our customers and we hope that an online shop will better serve as many of you as possible. If you haven’t checked the  shop  out yet, you definitely need to. The items are incredibly unique and the selection is only going to continue to grow and get better as time goes on. While it’s lots of fun to bundle up, head outside, and hit the shops (no thanks!)  – we simply must ask the question – what’s better than online shopping? Here are some reasons why we absolutely adore it!


  • Reason No. 1
  • It Saves Time

Let me paint you a picture – you’ve been meaning to set a day aside to go explore some local vintage shops in the hopes of finding a new pair of jeans, but it just never happens. Life gets busy, and sometimes there just isn’t time to dig through piles of vintage denim. Save yourself the time and the digging and instead – shop online!

  • Reason No. 2
  • It’s SO Easy

When you shop online all you have to do is click around a few times. That looks nice *CLICK*. Oh, it’s in my size *CLICK*. I want it *CLICK*. It’s mine, all mine! *CLICK*. Très simple, non?

  • Reason No. 3 
  • It’s Good For Multi-taskers

If you’re one of those people who likes to be able to get lots of things checked off your to-do list at once, then online shopping is great. You can send an email, write a blog post, and online shop all at the same time! Incredible!

  • Reason No. 4 
  • You Can Do It From The Comfort Of Your Home

As I said, who doesn’t love bundling up and trudging out to brave the cold winter weather to shop…oh wait…that actually doesn’t sound so great, does it? Instead, why not stay cozy in your bed, Netflix by your side, hot coco in one hand, and the other hand free to online shop! Just living the dream one click at a time.

  • Reason No. 5
  • No Crowds

If you’re anything like me and the slow-moving shoppers or crowds found in the real world ruin your shopping experience, then head online, my friends. Online it’s a party of one – you! – and you don’t have to elbow anybody out of the way of that gorgeous sweater you’ve been eyeing.

  • Reason No. 6
  • You Don’t Have To Fight For A Change Room

There is nothing more obnoxious than waiting for someone who’s taking too long in the change room. You saw they only went in with one item to try on, yet the minutes go by, and they’re still hogging it! You know they’re just in there taking selfies – ugh! Shop online – avoid the obnoxious change room hogs (our new slogan).

  • Reason No. 7
  • You Can Try Things On In Front Of Your Own Mirror

Speaking of change rooms – some of us would much prefer if we could take the clothes we desire home and try them on in our own rooms, with our own wardrobes, to see what works. With online shopping you are afforded this luxury! The item arrives at your house, you can twirl around like a crazy person all you want and no one’s gonna judge you.

  • Reason No. 8
  • You Can Shop From Anywhere

Let’s say you worship Bridge+Bardot (this is not a hypothetical), you follow our Instagram religiously, and are constantly falling in love with our vintage treasures. Unfortunately – you live in Alberta, and are never able to visit the store :*(. Good News! You can shop online and have our vintage treasures shipped to you! You’re very welcome.

  • Reason No. 9
  • The Sales

Need we say more? The sales online are amazing. All you have to do is type in a code, and voila, a discount! It’s like magic! There is nothing more sublime than saving money on one of a kind pieces.

  • Reason No. 10
  • It’s Addictive

We’re all susceptible to the allure of online shopping. The fun of searching an online shop for the pieces you love most. The excitement of adding them to your cart. And finally the thrill of buying them. It’s the same joy you experience when shopping in a store, but with an added touch of excitement.

That rush, and the awesome items you’ll find at are what will hopefully keep our beloved customers just a *click* away – xo

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