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The Best Snacks in Town

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Bridge + Bardot is located in one of the best neighbourhoods in the city. Not only is there an endless supply of shopping, watering holes, and cute boys with their cute dogs – but also an endless supply of places to get your snack on. I don’t mean light snacking, I mean getting your snack on in a very serious way. Whether it’s with after work drinks or a dinner date, Dundas and Ossington will have your mouth watering and head spinning with all the different snacking options. 

The Lakeview 

Our wonderful neighbour, Lakeview, has almost too many awesome benefits to list. A) They’re right next door to us – proximity is key B) They’re open 24 hours C) Their menu boasts every diner favourite there ever was, and at reasonable prices.


Cross the street and head down Ossington to Oddseoul if Korean flavours are what you crave. Combining East and West culinary influences, Oddseoul dishes out elevated snack foods – Asian chicken wings, griddled short rib hamburgers, and bulgogi cheesesteak sandwiches.


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A little further down the street, west on Dundas you’ll happen upon another restaurant owned by the brilliant minds behind Oddseoul – Hanmoto. Still bringing unique snack foods to the table – but this time with Japanese flare. Here you’ll find generous helpings of hamochi tartare, ‘dyno’ wings, and katsu burgers.

Junked Food Co.

Continue down Dundas and you’ll find yourself at the mecca of late-night eats, Junked Food Co. In need of major junk/drunk food? This is the place to take refuge. Instant gratification can be found in their cheesy tater-tot poutine, deep dish pizzas, and smash bags of Dorito nachos. Absolute junk food heaven.

Luther’s Chicken

Conveniently located in the beloved bar, Churchill, Luther’s Chicken is serving up delicious fried chicken like nobody’s business. Looking for southern comfort? Look no further than their menu – you’ll be in buttermilk biscuit, collared greens, and macaroni heaven.


Finally, if you’re more into plant-based snacks, then we simply must include the wonderful Veghed, located adjacent to our shop. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. Here you can enjoy gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, raw falafel, and 1-lb boxes of beautifully lush salads. Fresh ‘n tasty!

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