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November Horoscopes

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Hey there babes- for todays blog post, sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy your monthly horoscope for November.


Aries: (March 21-April 19)

This is your annual month for introspection and reflection. Avoid scattering your energy. Tune out the background noise. You’ll make huge strides, both emotionally and professionally, by leaning in to a complex undertaking or building bonds with a tight inner circle.

Love: Relationships are the front-burner topic this month. Single Rams will have a sexy confidence surge. Put yourself out there unapologetically and let your friends know you’re open to being set up. Be mindful that you don’t come on TOO strong. Not every conversation calls for that full-frontal Ram energy.

Money: It’s not how much you make; it’s what you do WITH it, Aries. You might consult a financial adviser and dr um up a few outside-of-box ways to make your money work harder (and smarter) for you. Consider rolling some of your hard-earned cash into stocks, savings or some other plan with a promising ROI.


Leo: (July23-August 22)

This month is all about nesting and self care. Slow down and connect with loved ones instead of rushing around. Show your vulnerable side and get back in touch with your true feelings.

Love: you could become quite an in-demand fixture on the local scene. Let friends set you up with THEIR friends, and go flirt like a champion at your favorite hangouts. Sparks could also blaze up with someone you meet online. But during this casual cycle, you might just enjoy the witty banter with no strings attached.

Money: The spotlight is more on your personal life than professional endeavours. Go on a decluttering mission to allow energy to flow freely and invite abundance into your sphere.


Sagittarius: (November 22-December 21)

Stay in bed a little longer, Sag—it’s okay. It’s not that you’re lying around doing nothing, exactly. But most of your “work” is being done on an ethereal or energetic plane. Those extra hours of sleep—including vivid dreams—are your mind and body’s way of working through some heavy-duty issues that can’t be resolved with your thinking mind.

Love: A low-key hangout could spark an intense attraction, perhaps with a friend of a friend or someone you never thought of “that way.” But careful: Since there could be jealousy or competitiveness in your circle, make sure you’re not starting messy fires by going there with someone you’ve known for a long time.

Money: If you’ve been teetering on the verge of burnout, force yourself to slow down. Have you landed at a career crossroads but are unsure which path to take? Dipping into the well of inspiration can help you hone what it is you really want—including a larger purpose in life beyond your paycheck. If you’re struggling to ignite the spark, listen to motivational podcasts or pick up a book by a favorite author to rekindle your passions.


Taurus: (April 20-May 20)

Whether it’s with a romantic partner, friends or your colleagues, November helps you redraw boundaries and make sure everyone’s needs are being properly met. Is there a balanced give-and-take in your relationships? Do you feel trusting and safe? These issues will come up for review now.

Love: It’s a lovely month for love! You’ll feel a surge of confidence if you’re entering the dating game. Hang up the mistletoe a little early this year. With magnetic Venus in your long-term-relationship zone, single Bulls are more prone to attracting long-term prospects. For couples, this can be a time of sweet synergy and quality time.

Money: Cooperation can quickly lead to co-creation under these harmonious skies. Join forces with someone whose skills complement your own, and let the synergy flow! Vying for a promotion or a new position? Practice your pitch or refine your interview techniques with a friend or colleague. Be open to honest feedback and try not to get defensive. You don’t have to agree with their input, but the least you can do is listen to it.


Virgo: (August 23- September 22)

After a hardworking October, you’ve earned the right to revel in lightheartedness. Enjoy this social season and regroup with friends. Get back to your hobbies and make a showing at your favorite local hotspots. If you’ve got a concept to pitch, this is a golden time.

Love: Sparks may fly with a friend or someone you meet locally. One minute you’re talking about your favorite Netflix series, then the next thing you know, you discover you have a million things in common—and the connection grows from there. Online chats could also get flirty and frisky. If you’re single, reactivate your dating apps and check out the swipe-worthy options.

Money: For the first three weeks of the month, seek out collaborators whose skills dovetail with yours. You might spread some buzz in your area by asking friends to give you a word-of-mouth referral or by getting more involved in your neighborhood initiatives. Looking for a new gig? Put it out to your social circles and networks: Opportunity could come through mutual friends or even a random conversation while you’re out. Work the connections you already have at your disposal.


Capricorn: (December 22-January 19)

The future belongs to those who believe in themselves, Capricorn. Words to live by this month. Cutting-edge collaborations could take flight now, so start adding a few like-minded people to your tribe. This month, it really is about who you know—and you might need to remind yourself of that. Nurture your existing bonds AND go forge some new ones.

Love: You could feel anxious to have the “So, where is this thing going?” talk. Or you might sense that someone else wants to lock down a guarantee, even if you’re not quite sure about that. If you’re in a newish relationship, you could feel stressed about the impending holidays. Whose family will you visit? Should you bring someone home to meet your relatives? Are you even ready for that? Take a deep breath, Cap. Don’t force yourself to do anything that doesn’t feel right. But if it’s just jitters holding you back, reconsider.

Money: There could be long hours and short deadlines, but go the extra mile and impress the powers that be. You could finally see your name in lights, whether it’s a passion project that gains critical acclaim or a post that goes viral and gets everyone buzzing— about YOU.


Gemini: (May 21- June 20)

If you already are one, maybe you’ll become a more passionate and outspoken advocate for sustainable living and healthy practices. This Jupiter cycle will also change your work, whether you adopt new lifehacks, find a brand-new job or finally appreciate the power of delegating.

Love: It will be hard to hide your attraction—and if the feeling seems mutual, why should you? For single Geminis, this could be an exciting time to flirt and field a bunch of options before settling into anything serious. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll infuse a spirit of play back into your bond.

Money: Ensure that your home affairs and workspace are in order by clearing away clutter and getting organized. Try not to get TOO caught up in the nitty-gritty and take time to nurture your body and mind with exercise and, of course, ample sleep.


Libra: (September 23-October 22)

You’ve been downshifting from an adventurous pace to a more grounded groove. In November, you can settle into that more moderate rhythm. It’s the perfect time to prioritize, streamline and pick which projects you’ll focus on for the remaining two months of the year.

Love: Your irresistible appeal will spike. Now you’re in the mood for upscale date nights, dressing up and establishing more of a steady arrangement. If you’re in a relationship, start shopping for a memorable holiday gift for bae—and drop some not-so-subtle hints about the present you’re eyeing.

Money: Get to it! Pull your head out of the clouds and plant your feet back on terra firma. Tackle your schedule, budget and to-do list. Pare them all down to the essentials to the degree you can. Libras hate to say no to anything, but the end result of that is you being spread way too thin.


Aquarius: (January 20-February 18)

You’ve got no time for drama and nonsense, Aquarius: You’re on a mission, and the only way to go is up! Putting in those long hours is smart, because the rest of the year will take on a highly social vibe after this. You won’t be quite as eager to “rise and grind”  so make your moves!

Love: It’s a great time to step back and contemplate: What does long-term happiness look like to you? Chemistry could ignite with someone you meet while traveling or a person from a different cultural background. A long-distance relationship could heat up, and you might even find yourself perusing real estate listings in another town. For couples, this is a great time to travel together, or at least, to start making vacation plans.

Money: Up the ante during the first three weeks of the month by bringing polish and professionalism to everything you touch. A project you’ve been toiling away at might finally receive financial backing, or you could present your ideas to some heavy hitters. Come prepared!


Cancer: (June 21-July 22)

Get the festive spirit going early! If you’re not the first one setting up decorations and playing holiday music, you’ll be busy gift shopping or nabbing tickets for shows and New Year’s Eve parties before they sell out. This cozy season can also put you in the mood for love.

Love: This is your friskiest time of year, so take advantage. This energy makes you quite a head turner, so indulge your theatrical side. Rock some bold, body-con styles and glamorous outfits—and shamelessly post a few photos, since you’re feeling extra-hot. You’ve got an extra shot of courage, so wear your heart on your sleeve and don’t hide your desires.

Money: Explore your passions and find out which ones really light you up (maybe even enough to instigate a career changes). Tired of your work situation? Be proactive and change it. Speak up and voice your most heartfelt desires—whether that means finding a gig that’s more in alignment with your higher purpose or vying for a better position and treatment at your current one.


Scorpio: (October 23-November 21)

Your closest interpersonal ties are in the spotlight now. Is everything balanced between you, or is there something unsaid that needs to be aired? Make sure your main focus is you!

Love: You could be feeling extremely internal and self-protective. You either need to courageously address those blocks around intimacy or move on. If you’re the codependent one making excuses for a partner’s bad behavior, blunt Mars could deliver a harsh wakeup call. And if you’re the person being cagey, it might be time to work through your deeper fears.

Money: Whether you’re vying for a raise, promotion or high-profile position, there are no limits to the potency of these me-first moonbeams. Treat yourself for the occasion and dress the part, investing in a couple signature pieces that boost your confidence and give you a little extra swagger when you’re out and about.


Pisces: (February 19-March 20)

Big and bold is just your speed this month, so unleash that Pisces power! You’ve got no time for small talk when you’re percolating with this much passion. Get reacquainted with your bucket list and add a few new items to it. Then get busy making plans to achieve some of these dreams.

Love: You’re craving closeness AND room to explore this month. One part of you wants to get intimate while another side is craving room to roam. You’ll have to obey both masters—which could be a tricky dance at times. But watch for a jealous streak that could strike hard. Your intuition is dialed up, but stay on guard that it doesn’t veer into paranoia and overreacting now.

Money: Tap your inner entrepreneur—or continue fueling the one you’ve already unleashed—and explore your larger purpose in life beyond a regular paycheck.Bare your outspoken side and speak out about a cause you believe in. Hit ’em with a dose of raw honesty, Pisces, especially if you’ve got the platform to make yourself heard. A visionary project or startup venture could take flight.

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