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Mind Over Matter

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Hello Ladies!


Let’s start off with a little Mean Girls reenactment.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever compared yourself to someone on social media- especially Instagram. I have. I do it every single day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world of social media and filters. I mean, why do others get to look FLAWLESS in a selfie, when I look like a potato? I can feel SO amazing about myself, but the moment I click on that little camera icon, all the confidence- GONE. Washed away. All because there is someone prettier, more fit, has better clothes, etc.


So, my fitness journey started in college-mainly because I was a part of a state pageant-more about that in another post. Over the years, my body has pretty much stayed the same. What changes? My body image. Some days my abs are ON POINT and I feel like Queen Bey (as in Beyonce- Happy Belated, Queen Bey). Other days I feel like Bruce, the kid from Matilda-but hey, who would turn down an entire chocolate cake? Not me. Then again I DID eat an entire cheesecake last week-eh. Point is, that the cliché saying, “mind over matter,” is SO true.


Now, let me remind you, I still LOVE me some Insta, but I try to avoid pages (that KEEP popping up on my feed) that I know will make me feel less than 100%. There are some days where you won’t feel like Gisele, and some days you will. Just look in the mirror and  tell yourself that you are a freaking superstar, and all superstars have bad days (Remember Britney in the early 2000s?) Toxic. Comparing yourself to others, Toixc.  So take a step back, look at all that is going for you, and realize, that you are your own spirit animal (insert cute panda emoji).  


Pappis and Jappis,



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