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International Women’s Day

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Happy International Women’s Day!

There are many International Days celebrated lately – French Fry Day and Chocolate Day being two of the yummiest. Jokes aside, International Women’s Day is a recognized worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements, while calling for gender equality. As a female entrepreneur, It’s a day I truly appreciate and hold dear to my heart as I get to celebrate myself, and the other #GirlBosses out there who are breaking glass ceilings for generations to come.

Being an entrepreneur in a city as brilliant as Toronto has its challenges, but I’m thankful to have such an amazing support system, mainly the women in my family. My sisters are my pillar, we rely on each other for strength and love, I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

On this day, I also want to take the time to appreciate all my female customers, Bridge and Bardot wouldn’t have grown so much had it not been for your support of the brand. Because of your support, Bridge and Bardot will continue to grow.

In all, I want to wish all women a happy and glorious day. I hope that today and everyday you are appreciated for all that you do.



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