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How to be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers: Instagram Edition

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Hey babes! We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on how you can start your own fashion blogging journey. Well you asked, and we have answered! This is first post of our mini series on “How to be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers” where we will cover different areas of the blogging world and give you some advice on what we’ve learned over the years. Today we are covering the Instagram Realm -being one of the largest platforms for bloggers we thought we can help you out and give you tips on how to start or enhance a blog you currently have!



Tip #1: Find your look! This is probably the hardest and most important part of starting a blog on Instagram. Our best advice is to sit back and and really think about what represents you well and who you are as a person. For example, if you’re a glam girl and love pink- make your feed exactly that! People love to see your personality and your interests on social media so use that to your advantage. Just remember consistency is key- and keep your Instagram grid co-ordinated to your own style.



Tip #2: Edit your photos. Now, in the world of Instagram “editing” has a bad connotation to it, but if you use it in the right way, it can give you an upper hand in the social media realm. You do not need to transform yourself to an unrecognizable state through editing, instead just enhance photos by using a consistent filter on your grid and working with the contrast, brightness and other technical elements to make an amateur shot look professional. One of our fav editing apps at B + B is VSCO, so check that out!


Tip #3: Taking photos. You do not need an expensive fancy camera to start a fashion blog on Instagram, that’s the beauty of it. All you need is a phone and your best friend and you’re all set to start your photoshoot! One thing we do suggest is to add dimension to your feed by taking different types of shots. Don’t just take photos from one angle-spice it up! Take far away shots, closeups, etc., and keep it exciting for your viewers.


Tip #4: Use Geotags and Hashtags. Whenever you post a photo onto Instagram add your location. This is good practice in order to enhance your online engagement. If you tap on a geotag you will see a grid featuring all the photos taken at the location and yours will be apart of it too. The same principle works for hashtags! Always hashtag relevant words to your photo so it will get to the right people.



We hope the above tips help you start off your blogging journey. If you have any additional questions or want more tips let us know!


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