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Facebook Marketing: Promoting Your Brand

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Hey babes, this week we’ll be tackling yet another social media outlet, more specifically Facebook. Are you a blogger, or are thinking of becoming your own boss? We got you covered when it comes to Facebook marketing! We live in a tech dominated era which can be both a blessing and curse. However, if you learn to manipulate a few tips and tricks in your favour, there’s no doubt you’ll prosper. Shall we begin?  



Tip 1: Create a Facebook Page. This is one of the easiest steps! If you currently have an instagram account for your brand you can directly link and create a page on Facebook. Here is a step by step guide:

  • -Switch your Instagram account to a business account
  • -Go into your settings and link your Facebook/Email
  • -Name your Facebook Page and you’re all set


Tip 2: Handle Logistics. This would be all the small steps you need to accomplish before creating an actual promotion for your brand, they include:

  • -Add an icon and banner image (make sure you look up the dimensions to avoid image distortion)
  • -Curate the content you will be posting on your Page
  • -Invite people to your page. Send out an invitation to everyone you know and tell them to share it as well (create some buzz!)


Tip 3: Now this is where we will explain how to actually use Facebook to promote your brand. Here is a step by step guide:

  • -On the left side of your page there should be an icon that says “Promote”, this will lead you to a pop-up that will ask you what the purpose of your promotion is. Let’s say for the purpose of this example you want to promote a certain post you made on your page.
  • -After deciding to boost a post, Facebook will ask you to select which post to promote. Now this is where the fun stuff begins!
  • -Once you decide which post you want to promote, you will have to decide who your audience is going to be. This can be as detailed and consumer directed as you want. You have the option to select your audience based on location, age, gender and even their likes and dislikes (really advanced, I know!)
  • -After selecting your audience, you have to allocate a budget. The best part is that there is really no minimum, you can start as low as $3. Depending on your budget, Facebook will tell you the approximate audience size that you will be able to target.
  • -The last step is to choose the duration of your promotion and you’re all set!


Tip 4: Manage your promotions! If you go to the left tool bar you will see an option to “Manage Promotions”. This will give you a report of how many people were reached, link clicks, impressions, etc. This is probably one of the most vital steps because it tells you whether or not your promotion works. You should use this tool to see what worked and to track your progress with Facebook Marketing


Tip 5: Keep it fresh! No one likes to look at the same thing all the time so change up your page every so often. Add a new banner every month or promote your page to new audiences. Always try new things and keep it exciting!

To take your brand to the next level, aside from Facebook Marketing, check out our previous post on Instagram Marketing here.

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