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Effective Goal Setting Tips

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Hey babes, with the new year upon us, we want to help you get organized! This is YOUR Year, so let’s stop procrastinating and accomplish those goals you’ve put off for far too long. Here are a few tips we use to stay on track and help you with your goal setting.



Set Goals that Motivate You: This is probably the most important and first step you should take in the goal setting process. Your goals should motivate you and be important enough that you actually want to put in the work. This is why you should set goals for yourself by yourself. Never let other individuals judgements cloud your mind and loose sight of the vision. A tip to make sure your goal is motivating is to write it down and then write down the reasons why it is valuable and important. If you can’t come up with anything, then you can scrap the idea, if you come up with many, then you’re on the right track!



Set Goals in Writing: The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. You have no excuse for forgetting about it. Use powerful words when writing down your goals like “I will get my dream job” vs “I would like to get my dream job”. Act as if you already have the thing that you desire. Once you put it into writing it becomes more concrete and you are more likely to act upon it.



Create SMART Goals: You have probably heard this multiple times but that is because this formula actually works! Setting SMART goals is a powerful tool to ensure you are setting the right goals that you can measure their success. Refer to the chart below for a detailed description of each.

Image via Life Solutions


Create an Action Plan: This step is often overlooked in the goal setting process. People get so caught up in coming up with their goals that they forget to write a plan of action. On a piece of paper beside every goal write down the steps you would need to take in order to achieve them. As you begin to take these steps, start checking them off your list until you’ve finally accomplished your goal! This is important because if you can visually see yourself completing these actions you will realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal.



Stick to your Goals: Remember that goals are an ongoing activity! Sometimes they can’t be accomplished over night so you have to stick to it and stay motivated. You should evaluate your progress on a weekly basis to ensure you are on the right track.


“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”

– Andrew Carnegie

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