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DIY: Unique French Manicures

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As much as I’m an advocate for the occasional *treat yo self* day, I’m also often privy to a more frugal mindset. Sure, indulging in some primping and pampering is luxurious and relaxing, but it can also be done at home, without ever leaving your couch or doling out payment. To start this series off, I’m going to show you how to *teach yo self* to do a unique French manicure.

Please don’t take offence to this next statement, but I personally feel like the classic, French-tip manicure is a little passé. However, I’m confident that there are cool and imaginative ways in which this old look could be updated. Here are some simple ideas I came up with:

  • The Robo Mani – Metallic tips
  • The Morticia Mani – Black tips
  • The Disco Mani – Sparkle tips
  • The Pińata Mani – Colourful tips

Just follow these simple steps and you will soon have a DIY Unique and oh-so-chic French Manicure!

What You Need: Nail file, clear top-coat nail polish, your choice of unique nail polish, nail polish remover, q-tip, tape


Step 1: Clean and file your nails to the shape/length you so desire.

Step 2: Cut a piece of tape, and stick it to cover your nail, so only the tip is showing.

Step 3: Paint the part of the nail that’s showing with your rad metallic or sparkly or what-have-you nail polish. Let dry.

Step 4: Remove tape, and paint over the entire nail with the top-coat. Let dry.

Step 5: If things didn’t go as tidily as you’d hoped, no worries, just use a q-tip and nail polish remover to clean things up a bit.


Voilà! C’est Magnifique!!



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