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Alexa Chung: Get the Look!

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Having a list of go-to style icons is a complete necessity for any fashionista worth her salt. As a style guru, your intuitions are always dead on when it comes to trends and what to wear, but sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the daily question – What should I wear??  In those moments, that’s when you turn to your favourite style icons for inspiration.

We, at Bridge + Bardot, have an ever-growing list of girls whose style we love, who we turn to for a fashionable guiding light. One of those girls who’s at the top of our go-to list is Alexa Chung.

Chung, a British import, has one of our very favourite Instagram accounts, which offers an overflowing amount of personality and style tips for us– the people who worship her flawless style inclinations.  Her look is often vintage inspired, which we obviously LOVE. We pulled some looks from the store that would fit the Alexa Chung style guide, so now you too, can dress like a style icon!


Combine hard and soft with this leather skirt, and feminine silk blouse look. Pink Silk Blouse, $30.00; Leather Pencil Skirl, $55.00 Source:

The ultimate ‘effortless cool girl’ look – complete with denim cut-offs and a chic blouse. Cream Blouse, $26.00; Denim Cutoffs, $40.00; Cross-body bag, $15.00 Source:

Stay cool this summer in this adorable overall and lace gettup. Hen by Hen Pyrite Chain Necklace, $89.00; Black Lace Crop Tank, $22.00; Denim Short Overalls, $40.00 Source:

Nothing’s sweeter for a day exploring the city than a cute floral romper. Floral Romper, $30.00; Leather Belt; $10.00; Leather Purse, $25.00 Source:

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