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5 Reasons To Heart Vintage Denim

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No matter your age, gender, or the season – denim is universal. It’s universally a wardrobe staple that you can’t live without. Whether you feel like slumming around in your boyfriend’s denim and watching movies all day, or if you wear that same denim with heels and some bling to paint the town that night – denim is always an appropriate choice. And friends, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – vintage denim is what it’s all about. Here are 5 reasons why we heart denim, and so should you.

  1. Super Soft: Vintage denim is as soft as your most beloved, childhood stuffed animal. You can thank the denim’s previous owner for that. Thanks to them wearing this great pair of jeans around for a while, they’re now perfectly worn-in, and ready for you to love.
  2. Perfect Wash: It doesn’t matter how your vintage denim started, because now it’s the wash that your denim dreams are made of. Whether they’re dark, light, or torn – your vintage denim has reached that ideal *fade* that people pay big bucks for.
  3. Reasonably Priced: Speaking of bucks, vintage denim isn’t going to hurt your cash supply. Specifically, if you shop at Bridge + Bardot, our vintage Levi’s are only $45! Your piggy bank will oink with gratitude after this purchase.
  4. Sustainable: By purchasing vintage clothes you’re being an environmental warrior! New denim requires harvested cotton, which requires an unthinkable amount of water (not nice, y’all), as well as chemical dyes, possibly unfair labour conditions, and a stoopid markup. Vintage denim is second-hand, so you’re doing your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Gold star for you!
  5. The Booty: Though it sometimes takes patience and time to find your perfect pair of denim, once you do, your a$$ will thank you. There is a pair of vintage denim out there, waiting for you, that was meant to be a part of your life. And that pair of jeans is guaranteed to make your butt look ah-maz-ing. Totally worth the hunt.


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